Building Beauty India

A GREHA & CDSA Program at CDSA, Pune, India

One Year Postgraduate Diploma in Building Beauty India
Ecologic Design and Construction Process

To connect acitvities that make life and beauty in the built world

The Himalayan Rilung Foundation Building, Bhuria, Himachal Pradesh, India by Ritu-Ngapnon Varuni

Building Beauty India invites students from different walks of life to participate in the learning process based on the four books of

The Nature of Order by Christopher Alexander, and The Discovery of Architecture by MN Ashish Ganju and Narendra Dengle

Workers at construction site
Building Beauty logo

The program is affiliated with BUILDING BEAUTY, Sant’Anna Institute, Sorrento, Italy
linked to Asian Advisory Board, Building Beauty


The program is conducted at the Centre for Development Studies & Activities (CDSA) Pune, India
Starting from January 2023
Academic credits for the Building Beauty India would be available via partnership with CDSA, Pune

CDSA - Centre of Development Studies and Activities
Centre of Development Studies and Activities
picture from CDSA - Centre of Development Studies and Activities

The Program at CDSA, Pune

Students living on the campus, day-scholars, and online students will be required to do studio work, study texts, interact, and engage in growing food at their respective locations.
The CDSA is a well-designed campus with studios, a library, and open spaces. There is boarding and lodging with excellent vegetarian catering.